Sydney Rum To Life

a NEW TYPE OF Australian Rum

The Red Mill vision is for a range of authentic, refined, delicious rums. Rums that are as fine and complex as any other spirit, yet with that unabashed joy that only rum can contain.

Aged in unique barrels, hand-picked from regions around the world for their rich, delicious flavours, the barrel hall is already filling. Time is now doing its work.

Red Mill was born in 1933 and is being reimagined again in 2022.

First Release -

There’s no rush. Time is doing its work. The first barrels of Red Mill were filled in 2021. Barrels carefully selected from regions throughout the world, as well as some of my favourite Australian wineries.

All going to plan, the initial batch will be released in 2022, with the first aged rum following later.

Follow us as we rebuild the distillery, refine the processes and plans, craft the look and feel and grow a barrel hall of unique and exceptional rums.

A Rum for our times

Red Mill Rum is something entirely new – but the label has deep historical roots. Established in 1933 by George “Bunny” Fesq, the original Red Mill Rum was once an Australian best-seller. Now, Bunny’s great-grandson David is carrying on this legacy of innovation by bringing the Red Mill name back to life.

Tales to tell

From tales of Rum’s past, to the original story of Red Mill, and following this new and exciting journey, there’s tales that need to be told.

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