A new type of
Australian Rum.

Red Mill Video

A beverage of rare quality. First in 1933 then again in 2020. Using the finest of craft and rarest of barrels to make a modern Rum like no other.

Our story

Red Mill Rum is something new – but the label has deep historical roots. Established in 1933 by George “Bunny” Fesq, the original Red Mill Rum was once an Australian best-seller. Now, Bunny’s great-grandson David is carrying on this legacy of innovation by bringing the Red Mill name back to life.

The full story
The Red Mill Rum story Featured Image

For the Love of Rum

The Red Mill Rum story

https://vimeo.com/950223976?share=copy By the time George “Bunny” Fesq developed Red Mill Rum in 1933, he was already the third generation to run his family wine & spirit merchant business. With an ear to the needs of the time, it was no surprise that the post depression years required affordable, reliable, good…

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Rum x Barrels x Time Featured Image

The magic of oak

Rum x Barrels x Time

A little about barrels and how we do it  Unlike say, wine or beer, dark spirits start their life relatively light on flavour. Off the still, spirits are clear, with traces of the base material of the ferment coming through. It’s when these new-make spirits start to commingle in a…

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