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This is a story about family, the history of Sydney, Rum and doing something that hasn’t been done before. Red Mill Rum, first bottled in 1933, now made entirely new again by the original founder’s great-grandson.

Red Mill


Red Mill was first trademarked by George "Bunny" Fesq. The Rums were sourced by cask from the CSR refinery and distillery in Pyrmont. The first Fesq's Red Mill Rum were released to trade customers in Sydney.


George's son, Bill Fesq, returned from the war to find the family business struggling. Rum would be the key to survival. By 1950, Red Mill would sell 300,000 bottles each year in Sydney.


Red Mill had flourished in the Sydney bars. The iconic, "Your Shout" campaign adorned busses and trains through the next decade.


The time of Fesq's Red Mill comes to a close, with the brand being sold to the William Grant spirits business. It carried on for a few more years into the mid-1980s.


The idea to regrow Red Mill is formed. The first batches of the new Red Mill Rum were distilled by David Fesq in a commercial offsite distillery in Robinvale. The first container of rare and unique barrels sourced from around the world arrived and were filled in 2021.


Red Mill moves into its new home in White Bay, Sydney. Plans are made to bring the full production in house alongside the barrel hall of 300+ casks. The first releases of the new Red Mill are blended and bottled for sale.

At Red Mill we embody the new and old of Sydney. The classic working waterfront and the bold ideas it produced. The history of the City of Rum combined with a vision for something totally new.

... Rum is a byword for freedom. A drink for whenever you want, however you want ...

Born and Raised

Fermented and Distilled by Red Mill

We first developed the recipes for Red Mill in 2020 according to a vision for a style of Rum that was the very best we could produce. A no compromise approach, with a goal to produce a fine, complex, delicious style of Rum. After numerous trials and experiments through 2020, we distilled the first batches in a commercial facility that offered the use of their equipment while we got started.

These first distillates were a great success, and were put to barrel in Spring 2021. These earliest casks included ex-Cognac, White & Red Bordeaux, Australian Pinot Noir and Oloroso Sherry barrels.

A Barrel Program Like No Other

The White Bay Barrel Hall

Red Mill is doing something that is truly unique. Aging rum in a program of rare and exotic barrels sourced from around the world. Casks that have previously held some of the world’s great wines and spirits. The magic is in this one-of-a-kind barrel hall. If you visit Red Mill you will see casks that previously held Sauternes, Cognac, various Whiskies, Madeira, Sherries, red & white wines from around the world. There are sizes ranging from 125L to 1600L in size. (We don’t age our Rum in small format oak).

We blend these casks into regular bottlings and rare special expressions.


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