Meet the Team – David Fesq

Why Red Mill Rum? Why Now? 

I’ve always loved rum. I was lucky enough to spend some years in and around the Caribbean in my twenties. My wife and I were travelling and working in bars and restaurants, first in Asia, then through the Atlantic down to the Caribbean. It was an exciting and eye-opening time in life.

In Bermuda I discovered Goslings, the 200+ year old Rum distillery that makes the dark, rich rum that is the foundation of a Dark ’n Stormy cocktail.

In the Cayman Islands, where we could visit Havana on the weekends, I fell in love with the golden, refreshing Spanish style rums. As much part of day-to-day life as any other drink on the islands. Long days in the water with warm nights drinking rum.

I’d known a little of my own family’s history with rum. The Red Mill Rum label was created by my great-grandfather after the Depression. He wanted something honest and humble that could supply thirsty people in hotels and pubs at the time. It grew in the post-war years, then finally sold and mostly forgotten.

I’ve worked with wine & spirits my entire adult life, and that love of rum has never dissipated. It seemed like the time was right to bring this all together with a new generation of Red Mill. Something new, but entirely built on the past.

I’ve been filling barrels with fresh, fine new rum since 2021. Barrels I’ve picked from around the world to create something modern and rewarding. Barrels that will mellow with time.

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